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Our Vision
To establish Fatina Dreams as an extraordinary, innovative world that fuels girls' imaginations and empowers them to make an important difference - by re-establishing personal connections and helping sustain the environment for future generations.

With Fatina's inspiration, girls will also unleash their creativity by crafting new memories and new stories using recycled materials.

Our Targets
Girls will be enchanted by the rich story telling, the charming characters and opportunity to see how the planet can be fixed. Young women will enjoy the cute characters and trend right fashion as well as appreciate the "green" message.

Total Brand Franchise
TV - Engaging Virtual World - Publishing - Licensed Fashion Apparel for Girls - Accessories - Gifts - Toys - Stationery - DVDs and much more!
This will also include a green line of clothing and merchandise.

Fatina Dreams is an exciting and successful Asian brand that is ripe for introduction to the European market.

Mushroom Land Exhibition