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Chefo is the special guy in Fatina’s life. They like to do everything together but above all he delights in cooking for Fatina and all her friends. He especially likes creating groovy desserts. No surprise he lives on Dessert Island.
Latte is a lovely bunny who lives peacefully with her friends, Birdy and Speedy in the Secret Garden. She loves writing to her pen-friend, Toffe B, who used to live closer and whom she misses. They nurture their friendship and keep each updated by daily letters.
Sky Birdy
Sky Birdy is a postman who helps people to deliver mail to their friends. Because Latte writes letters to her friends every day, Birdy has become best friends with Latte. Birdy always greets Latte with 'you’ve got mail, dear!'
Toffee B
Toffe B is a close friend of Latte who used to live in the Secret Garden, but now lives in the big city with a bit of a different lifestyle. He keeps in touch with Latte by mail.