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Fatina is inspired by the childhood dreams of the hugely talented and award winning artist Prudence Mak. Fatina, was brought to life by Prudence to model her company Chocolate Rain’s, very first jewelry collection. Over the years, Fatina has evolved into her own separate existence and has developed a unique personality (perhaps Prudence’s alter ego).

Prudence Mak grew up in Hong Kong with a family that began with very limited means. Without TV, toys and material things that other kids take for granted she discovered her natural talent in drawing and never looked back. This led to her studying Fine Arts in Canada and then she was awarded a full scholarship at Central St. Martins where she graduated with an MA with distinction.

Prudence Mak started Chocolate Rain Design, using Fatina imagery, to produce a high-end designer line of books, fashion and products. Each piece in the Chocolate Rain designer collection is unique and many are handcrafted, using recycled fabrics, mixed medium and special artistic elements. She has had collaborations with Swarovski, Stella McCartney and UK fashion designer, Luella.

Prudence Mak Photo